Other speed deterrents



Motorway variable speed limit cameras

This system of variable speed limit cameras is the responsibility of the Highways Agency.




Kent Police

Officers use a range of methods to assist with road safety including automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), the use of portable and in-car speed detection equipment and local policing initiatives such as 'Speed Watch'.




Speed Indicator Devices (SIDS)

Interactive signs that light up when vehicles are travelling above the speed limit for the road. Some also light up and show the speed limit that your vehicle is travelling, along with a message, e.g. "thank you", "slow down" or even a 'smiley face'. These are managed by your local council.



Other speed deterrents

Offence numbers and casualty figures for 2016 04Sep

Offence numbers and casualty figures for 2016

Crash casualty and offence data has been published by the Kent & Medway Safety Camera Partnership

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