Average speed cameras (SPECS)

SPECS (SPEed Check enforcement System) is a digital safety camera system which calculates the average speed of a vehicle from the time it takes to pass between pairs of safety cameras. These can be up to six miles apart. To avoid prosecution, drivers must observe the speed limit throughout the enforcement route, not just at the camera sites. SPECS

These are more frequently used as a temporary measure during road works, in order to protect both the workforce on-site and the motorist.

SPECS are not reliant on the use of flash photography, so drivers who break the speed limit will not see the customary 'flash' from the cameras. However, the cameras are bright yellow.

SPECS are also used at a permanent site on the A228 Grain, Medway, where there is a history of death and serious injury due to speed-related crashes.

Average speed cameras (SPECS)



The programme to digitally upgrade all safety cameras is now underway and going well!!

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