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I have received a Notice of Intended Prosecution for speeding. What happens now?

You have been sent a Notice because you are either the registered keeper of a vehicle or have been nominated as the driver of a vehicle which is alleged to have committed an offence.  You are required by law to tell us if you were the driver or whether someone else was driving and if so provide their details.  If you do not give us this information you are likely to be summoned to Court and if found guilty fined up to £1000 and awarded 6 penalty points.

When you have provided these details the driver may be given an opportunity of attending a speed awareness course.  If you successfully complete a course you will not be fined or receive any penalty points. 

A further option, should you not be offered a course or choose not to accept is paying a fixed penalty fine and receiving 3 points on your licence.  If you were driving at a speed which was substantially over the limit you are likely to be summoned to court without either a fixed penalty or offer of a course being available.  If you do not accept the allegation is correct you have the right to ask for court hearing anyway and can then challenge the evidence.  Before any of these options are available you must tell us who the driver was at the time. 

If you go to court the magistrates will decide whether you committed the offence and upon any fine or penalty points to be awarded.  You are reminded that the courts have the right to increase the fine and penalty points awarded if they see fit and if found guilty you are also likely to be required to pay prosecution costs.


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