Road Safety Education

The Partnership is committed to influencing drivers in order to improve driving knowledge and driving behaviour.

We work with road safety partners on a variety of campaigns and initiatives including:

'Licence to Kill?' - young driver theatre education programme

'Street Lights Mean 30' campaign

THINK BIKE - driver awareness campaign

'Driving Business - Safely' - working with businesses to help manage occupational road risk

- Roadside signs - thanking motorists for their part in reducing casualties at fixed sites  

- YEARS (Youth Engagement Around Road Safety) - sixth forms, colleges, young offender events 

- Workshops for parish councillors

- Workshops for driving instructors - May 2014 PowerPoint

- Attendance at local events and presentations


For information on other road safety campaigns within Kent and Medway visit:



The following may be of interest to anyone wanting to find out more about road safety:


ACT TravelWise

This website features news and campaigns from the UK and Europe, advice for schools and businesses, downloadable materials and a database of TravelWise, Safe Routes and Travel Plan professionals.

Association of Industrial Road Safety Officers

AIRSO is an independent membership organisation working in the interests of road safety. One of it’s main aims is to present a comprehensive national road safety diary on behalf of all road safety organisations.


BikeSafe is an initiative run by Police Forces around the United Kingdom who work with the whole of the biking world to help to lower the number of motorcycle rider casualties.


Brake promotes safe use of roads by addressing the skills and attitudes of road users, enforcement of traffic rules and appropriate punishment and education of road users who break the law.

British Motorcyclists Federation

The BMF’s researchers and analysts work on any subject affecting motorcycling, it ensures that their members views and concerns are heard and understood by local authorities, national Government and the European Union, and it promotes the fun of motorcycling through its regional offices’ calendar of events.

Child Accident Prevention Trust

CAPT is a national UK charity committed to reducing the number of children and young people killed, disabled and seriously injured as a result of accidents.


Children’s Play Council’s Home Zone News

Developed by the Children’s Play Council, this site gives details of home zone developments throughout the UK.


Department for Transport

The Department for Transport’s roads, vehicles and road safety homepage. This division is responsible for all issues relating to drivers, vehicles and road safety policy and research.

Driving Standards Agency

The DSA conducts driving tests in Great Britain for cars, motorcycles, lorries, buses and other vehicles. It also maintains a register of car driving instructors and checks standards of tuition.


The Guild of Experienced Motorists

A leading independent driver-based road safety association, with around 60,000 members who are expected to drive with care, courtesy and concentration and, as a result, set a good example on the roads.


The Institute of Advanced Motorists

The IAM is an independent, non profit-making organisation with the aim of improving driving standards, promoting road safety and establishing an Advanced Driving Test.


The Institute of Road Safety Officers

Providing a central organisation for all people actively engaged in the promotion of road safety.



A national pilot child pedestrian training scheme organised by the Department for Transport. The aim of the pilot is to demonstrate how an effective child pedestrian training scheme can be established and sustained. This website is primarily for Kerbcraft co-ordinators, who are responsible for implementing pedestrian training in schools participating in the pilot.


Learn and Live

The original pressure group, formed in 1989, committed to improving road safety, particularly among young and inexperienced drivers.


Occupational Road Safety Alliance

ORSA was established in April 2002 to represent the key stakeholders in road safety and occupational safety.


Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety

PACTS advises and informs members of the House of Commons and of the House of Lords on air, rail and road safety issues.


RoadPeace is the national charity for road crash victims and is an endependently funded, membership organisation.  Members include those who have been bereaved or injured in road crashes and also those who are concerned about road danger.


RoadSafe is a road safety partnership of leading companies in the motor and transport industries in Britain, the Government and road safety professionals. It aims to reduce deaths and injuries caused by road accidents and promote safer driving.


Road Safety Council of Wales

The Council co-ordinates, stimulates and promotes road safety education, training and publicity throughout the Principality, aiming to reduce accidents and the severity of injury to all road user groups.

Road Safety GB (formerly LARSOA)

Supporting Road Safety Officers in fulfilling their statutory role; to reduce the number and severity of road accidents through education, training and publicity policies and programmes.

Road Safety Scotland

Formed in 1985, the campaign is funded by the Scottish Executive and its remit is to develop and co-ordinate Scotland-wide road safety initiatives and campaigns.

Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

A registered charity that was established over 80 years ago. This website provides information, advice, resources and training for the promotion of safety in all areas of life – at work, in the home, on the roads, in schools, at leisure and on or near water.

The Slower Speeds Initiative

Campaigns for lower and better enforced speed limits, a higher profile for speed reduction initiatives, development of speed control technology and changes in the law to allow conviction of speeding drivers who kill and maim.


The Think Campaign

The Department for Transport’s ‘THINK!’ road safety campaign website.

Road Safety Education



The programme to digitally upgrade all safety cameras is now underway and going well!!

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