Street Lights Mean 30

Did You Know?

Motorists who are captured by mobile or fixed safety cameras exceeding a 30mph speed limit often claim that there were no speed limit signs on the streetlights.

We want to tell those motorists, and you, that “streetlights mean 30 unless otherwise stated”.

It’s 30 for a Reason.

If you hit a pedestrian or cyclist at 40mph there is a 31% chance they’ll die

If you hit them at 30mph there is a 93% chance they’ll live

For more information on how local speed limits are set please click here.

In Kent and Medway between the start of 2011 and the end of 2013 119,139 motorists were captured exceeding a 30mph speed limit.  That’s 119,139 motorists who have endangered the lives of themselves and other road users and pedestrians.  In the same period 311 pedestrians were killed or seriously injured in 30mph speed limit areas in Kent and Medway.  Of these 122 were under 16 years old.

These statistics show that it is crucially important that motorists comply with speed limits. Streetlights mean 30 unless otherwise stated. Many motorists are unaware of the speed limit, some claim that they weren’t aware that the road was a 30mph limit as there were no speed limit signs present. 

If you see streetlights then it means the speed limit is 30mph unless otherwise stated.

Know Your Limits:

  Built-up area (Street Lit)* Single Carriageway Dual Carriageway Motorway
Bikes and cars Bikes and cars 30mph 30 60mph 70mph 70mph
Caravans Caravans 30mph 30 50mph 60mph 60mph
Buses Buses 30mph 30 50mph 60mph 70mph++
Vans Vans
< 7.5ton
30mph 30 50mph 60mph++ 70mph+ ++
Lorries Lorries
> 7.5ton
30mph 30 50mph 50mph 60mph

These speed limits apply to all roads, unless signs show otherwise

* A 30mph limit applies on all roads with street lighting, unless signs show otherwise

+ 60mph if articulated or towing a trailer

++ unless restricted by speed limiter device


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