Speed limit change on the A20 between Folkestone and Dover

23/04/2015 15:21:00

New traffic signals have been installed on the approach to Dover near Western Heights roundabout.  This will help control arrival rates at the town and port, allow data collection, reduce the risk of queueing traffic gridlocking Dover town, and help minimise disruption across the road network in the area.


 Vehicle types will be filtered on approach to the port, with long and heavy vehicles directed to use the left hand lane, leaving the right hand lane free for cars, coaches, light vehicles and local traffic. At times when the port is especially busy the traffic signals will hold dock bound HGV's in lane 1 until the road ahead is clear. The system will be installed by Highways England, with the Port of Dover monitoring the traffic lights to control the flow of traffic. Vehicle flow, air quality monitoring and journey times will all be monitored to support the design of a longer-term solution.


Enabling works consisting of temporary traffic management have been implemented. Temporary signage, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras, average speed cameras and mobile CCTV will be installed between Roundhill Tunnel and the Eastern Docks, and a temporary traffic island and traffic signals approaching Western Heights Roundabout is being constructed.  There will be a 40mph speed limit in place between Folkestone and Dover which will be enforced by speed cameras to help safe operation.


In addition, Kent & Medway Safety Camera Partnership mobile units will temporarily be supporting Highways England and Kent Police by enforcing the reduced speed limit on that section of the A20.

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