Driving Business Safely: workshops proving success

28/05/2014 15:32:00

“All information was very thorough, so it's all helped me to make changes for the better" 

Along with road safety partners, the Kent & Medway Safety Camera Partnership offers business workshops, to teach and improve driver policies and inform the way companies approach road safety. 

Whitstable-based car insurer, Chaucer Direct, has commended the initiative. 

They spoke to a recent attendee, Stephen White, who is Health & Safety Manager of H.E Services. 

Stephen praised the workshop; "There was a lot to learn. A Police officer offered information on PPE (personal protection equipment). Along with this, I found out further instructions on the secure loading of vehicles. Implementing hourly stops was an idea taken directly from the workshop" 

Not only is this education helping businesses to ensure optimum safety of its drivers "there are also tremendous cost benefits” says Simon,  “an insurance company recently came to check our systems since our new implemented changes and noted a number of best practices, It's great to hear that our efforts have been recognised and will lead to financial gains”. 

The next workshops will be held on September 2nd and December 2nd. 

Find further information at http://www.drivingbusinesssafely.org/events.php


Chaucer Direct's full article on business drivers is here:

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