Countywide Speed Enforcement Day – 19 August #PlayYourPart

14/08/2014 09:36:00

Police Forces and Safety Camera Partnerships across the South coast of England, from Kent to Cornwall, will be carrying out a high visibility speed enforcement campaign of goods vehicles on 19 August.

Supporting the TISPOL European Speed Week, officers throughout the region will be targeting speeders driving commercial vehicles under 7.5 tonnes. 

Kent and Medway officers will be out in force with a combination of roadside detection, safety camera vans and unmarked cars and motorcycles.  The Commercial Vehicle Unit will also be collecting roadside deposits from foreign-registered goods vehicles. 

Enforcement, at both signed and unsigned locations, will be conducted on single (60mph) and dual carriageway roads (70mph) where goods vehicles of less than 7.5 tonnes are restricted to 50mph and 60mph respectively. 

Inspector Martin Stevens from Kent Police’s Roads Policing Unit: ‘Most commercial vehicle drivers drive considerately and legitimately on our highways.  However, those companies and drivers who choose to ignore the rules of the road put themselves and other road users at risk.  We do our bit by carrying our regular enforcement operations targeting unroadworthy vehicles, and speeding offences, but it is imperative that all road users Play Your Part in keeping our roads safe too.

‘That includes driving at the appropriate speed for the conditions, and within legal limits. Many drivers are not aware that in a national speed limit zone the maximum speed limit depends on the class of vehicle and type of road.  For example, van drivers are often surprised that their maximum legal limit on a dual carriageway is 60mph as opposed to 70mph.’

Speed is a major contributing factor in crashes resulting in serious and fatal injuries. 

Steve Horton, Road Safety Team Leader for Kent County Council said ‘In the last three years in our county seventy five people were killed or seriously injured either as a passenger in, or as a driver of a goods vehicle.  Stopping distances are a crucial element in road safety and this can be influenced by both speed and weight.

‘Our ‘Country Roads’ campaign highlights that speed limits are a maximum, not a target, and drivers need to ensure they are driving at an appropriate speed in order to have time to react to unexpected hazards, which are a regular feature on rural roads.

‘We also ask that drivers of other vehicles respect the speed restrictions of larger vehicles, keeping their distance and being mindful of overtaking.’

Officers will be handing out campaign materials and cards that show which limits apply to which vehicles and roads.

The penalty for a speeding offence is a 3 point driving licence endorsement and £100 fine.  If within a certain threshold, drivers may be offered the option of attending a Speed Awareness Course as an alternative.  High speed offences will be summoned to court.

In the event of a collision, the higher the speed the more severe the consequences in terms of injury and material damage.  Safer, slower driving means fewer injuries and fatalities, reduced damage to vehicles, less unproductive downtime for vehicle repairs, and lower fuel costs and insurance premiums. 

If a vehicle is stopped, officers may also carry out vehicle checks including tyre tread and load weight. 

Businesses who are concerned about managing their fleet or would like advice on saving money, and managing their drivers and occupational road risk are encouraged to sign up to the ‘Driving Business – Safely’ workshop on 2 September in Tonbridge.  For more information and to book visit

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